I'm an artist that's struggling to make herself known to the world. I work on webcomics, as well as do art for lesser known channels. I also look after and A.I. that likes to be dumb on the internet.

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I know it’s roughly been 3 months since I last posted anything, but a lot of stuff happened and I wanted to make sure I had something done before I give out any of the big news.

As of recently, we’ve decided to temporarily close commissions for a little while. Reasons why is mainly because of PayPal. How so? About a week ago, they’ve decided to update their terms of service to where if you use them on connected platforms like Patreon and Ko-Fi, they will use bots to scan those sitesto prove you’re not doing any malicious means. Which is why I changed the title for the tier $3 subscription.

Thankfully they didn’t came after me since I barely make any big profits with PayPal, but it’s been affecting a lot of NSFW and big artists as of lately. So as a precaution, I’ve decided I'm going to update the commission T.o.S. by expanding the payment options to services like Stripe and Cash App as alternatives. Once we’ve taken care of other behind the scenes stuff, the commission sheets will be updated with these new services in mind. (As well as future options like the prices for character stills and comics.)

Another big change that happened lately is Clip Studio’s new subscription service they’ve started. If you’re wondering my thoughts about it… I’m not gonna bother with it and stick with the old version I have. Chances are if they will eventually stop the updates for the old version and the program will no longer works on my MacBook (which roughly seems to get updates at least almost monthly), I’ll look into using Krita as an alternative for when that case comes. (Lord knows I’m not going back to Affinity Designer!)


Livestreams are also gonna be closed for a while now, mainly because I’ve finally gotten back to work on my part time babysitting job and its been paying my time greatly. It also gave me a lot of time to reflect on how miserable I was, just sitting at home and barely making a weekly profit and a crappy powerpoint performance with barely any recognition at all.

Blue will still be around the livestream area from time to time collabing with other creators, but in terms of streaming on our end, everything will be on hold ’till we eventually find free days or upgrade to an actually gaming PC overall.

Other content in terms of videos are still gonna be a thing every once in a while. As of now, we’ve been recording footage for a Dragalia Lost video that’ll be made in the future. We’ve also already started our script for the Fire Emblem Awaking review, and we still plan to do more voice reels, speedpaints, and gaming highlights as well. (Especially the latter one, we’ve got so a handful of titles that’ll make for great compilations.) We’ve also managed our money to buy FL Studio as of recently, so you may expect a slight improvement for future voice reels and other audio related stuff. ;3


So yeah, these past few months have been really helping me get on the right track. I will say this year had been nothing but rough on my mental health due to personal issues; but now that I’m getting paid well and buying more things again, there’s now a brighter outlook coming towards the end. Let’s hope for more silver linings to come my way. I love every one of you and want to be at my best, not just by creating, but attitude overall.

Available for Work



Recently updated my price charts for digital commissions. Info on the commissions guide is still the same as the old one with some new features.

If you want to know full details on what I can draw and how to order, all info can be found here: 


If you have any questions or concerns about ordering, feel free to DM me; and if anything comes, I'll maybe put an F.A.Q segment in this journal.

UPDATE (5/31/23): CashApp will no longer be part of my payment sources after some horrible experiences I’ve went through with it. On a side note, please do not use multiple accounts and make sure it’s the only one you use to pay other artists with.


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