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This animation still holds up well for its age. The art style is wonderful, the transitions were well put together, and if the Lucien Dodge that voiced this is the same guy as Lucien Dodge the VA, I’d be so happy to know that this was his origin before playing Dust and his many other roles.

The anatomy on both Mario and Sonic could have done more work, the realistic proportions kinda throw it off since it's not a style most are not familiar with. Other than that, the overall fight was super dynamic and well done. Keep up the good work. :3

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This little game really peaked the masses and it shows how great Newgrounds can be with all these talented people on board. It's simple, fresh, and a nice call back to late 90s-2000s era of fun. Definitely looking forward to the full game when it's done, and hope those wether it'd be guest staff or the community continue to support this little rhythm game all its worth. Best of luck on the kickstarter you guys! :3

PS: Tankman definitely took a lot of trial and error for me to beat, I enjoyed his mean snarky remarks as they motivated me to pull through lol

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Demon BF gives me Soul Eater Evans vibes and I love it :3

BenzBT responds:

Awwww soul eater was one of my favorite anime ever > <

This is pure gold, thank you for making this XD

That is some crazy amount of detail on the line art, I bet that took hours to put together! Amazing work! :3

I'm an artist that's struggling to make herself known to the world. I work on webcomics, as well as do art for lesser known channels.

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