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I'm an artist that's struggling to make herself known to the world. I work on an original webcomic series, as well as do art for lesser known channels.

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Hello NG! | Sketches | Art Progress (1/18/19)

Posted by CarlyChannel - January 18th, 2019

Forgot to make a proper introduction yesterday, so I'll just go ahead and say things about myself before I share some stuff to you guys. 

I'm Carly.H, and I am a freelance artist who's trying to make a living with herself. I work on a webcomic series that is currently on hold for the sake of improving my skills, and I collaborate with lesser known Youtube channels. I've been drawing for about 13 years, mostly self taught, and I've been doing a whole bunch to really get myself out there and what not. Reason why I come here to Newgrounds is to expand my skills and notoriety, plus with the whole internet purge that's been happening to a bunch of other artists (specifically the NSFW/fundamentally focused ones), this was one of the mediums to help them with those kind of stuff. Hopefully you guys appreciate the pieces I make and enjoy my small lil journey to becoming better. 

Also, small lil thing I wanna say is that this site was the shit back when I was teen. So many memories and nostalgia flooding back when me and a bunch of old friends would quote various animations that we liked. (Miss you Egoraptor ;3)

Anyway, here's a small update I would occasionally do where I share what I've been doing in terms of content wise. First is that I have real big plans to expand myself further in terms for my Youtube channel, so hopefully you’ll all be looking forward to what I have planned in store.

Next is some sketches for an expression meme I’ve been doing on my Twitter. More will be made and shared on the thread as it goes. 

Credits to Capochiino  7260588_154783517321_IMG_1700.jpg 7260588_154783520743_IMG_1707.jpg 7260588_154783524183_IMG_1711.jpg

And lastly as what I've been doing as of now, been working on some portraits for a collaborator of mine who is a movie reviewer. So far 3 sets have been made, but they’re gradually taking as much time as they need with no rush or deadline.

7260588_154783537992_ScreenShot2019-01-11at10.44.56AM.png 7260588_154783542163_ScreenShot2019-01-13at11.30.58PM.png 7260588_154783546041_ScreenShot2019-01-14at1.53.51PM.png 7260588_154783551143_ScreenShot2019-01-17at8.33.13PM.png

Thank you all for taking time to read all this. If you want, you can follow me on other mediums I'm on by clicking the links that are on my front page. :3